Advertising is Not Marketing

This is gonna be a punchy post. A rant about advertising and a simple fact: that despite an entire industry perception, advertisers are not marketers.

And in fact, marketers are not advertisers.

They are different people, doing different things. And if we can figure out does what – we might figure the best utilization mix to round out the ultimate marketing machine.

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tuuk - Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens

How Reclaiming A Stadium Enriched Toronto

Hockey is without question a rich part of the cultural fabric in Canada.

People and families revolve around their local rinks.  Thousands flock to the stadiums of NHL teams on an almost-nightly basis. Therefore the buildings that house the game become an important and very central element of community in Canada.

Arguably none more so than Toronto’s hockey shrine – Maple Leaf Gardens.

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tuuk - April Fools - Brands

Brands Play April’s Fools Day Pranks – Should They?

You know the type. The person with a personally-stamped “I have a sense of humor” tag on his forehead. Who plays tricks, pranks and gags to get a kick of out suckering his fellow man.

Well today is their day. The day to celebrate their brand of hilarity and wreak some havoc on the world to get a sense of personal satisfaction in ruling for one small moment over another.

It is April Fool’s Day y’all.  And not only are your friends out there suckering America, but so are some of your favorite brands.

And you gotta wonder if that is a smart move.

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