What other apps and sites do your customers use?

Most companies have a detailed understanding of digital activity by customers - on their own platforms. But don't have the same lens beyond that.

And if they do - they don’t do a good job of driving insights from it.

We’ve developed a method
that creates insights from digital behavior.

We use digital behavior as a proxy.

leverage your transaction or usage data as augmentation (when needed), and step into the shoes of product managers, innovators, channel experts to ask questions that when answered create business opportunity.

We take data sets from three sources to gather intelligence.

On Mobile App, Mobile Web and Web usage of your customers.

We overlay that with a unique method and model.

to determine where the client’s entire customer base is spending their digital and mobile time, and glean insights from that report which can be used to drive business decisions.

That data can give us further consumer insight.

Which can be used to drive business decisions by product managers, digital experience leaders, innovation groups, etc.

We apply this insight to develop embedded experience strategies for clients

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