Changing how customers interact with you online.

tuuk creates proactive online customer experiences.
In the right place, at the right time, with the perfect function.

Shifting digital capabilities to where customers spend their time.

Banking, investment and insurance categories typically have a lower monthly active user rate than the tech platform, fintech and insuretech challengers they want to keep pace with.

In order for you to increase outcomes in digital you need to engage the rest of your customers - the 41-50% of them that are digitally active each month..


Understand what platforms and apps your customers are using.

tuuk uses behavioral data and a proprietary method to show you where your customers and prospects spend time in digital channels and platforms. Definitively.
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Create a playbook that can drive interaction volume.

Once the data is analyzed and the current environment is understood, we work with our clients to develop strategic plans for distribution of capabilities and services.

These plans determine what actions are to be enabled, and how those actions will be deployed across a digital or physical ecosystem.

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We build applications that allow your customers to take action.

Once you know where you want to play, you need to deploy. We have identified technology partners that have existing action “frameworks” that allow you and your company to immediately participate in mobile and digital ecosystems.

We also work with Cloud and API partners to build action capabilities and connection points that can ride independent or bridge to your current application and technology stacks.

And finally we also create programs to drive developer adoption of the API’s / UI components we build with you.

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Embedded frameworks require willing partners, with viable value exchange.

One of the great challenges in an embedded ecosystem is establishing value between two partners.

For instance, you’ve identified a great use case on a 3rd party platform that meets you and your customer’s needs. But the partner that would be required to pull it off doesn’t see how it is valuable to them. The great use case falls apart.

We help identify, evaluate and make value-recommendations to partners to ensure that both sides win.

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