Geekdom Preaccelerator 2019:

Learn More About tuuk's Distributed Digital Experience Platform

Presented May 22, 2019 - 6:00 PM CT (Central)

Proactively deliver online customer experiences.

In the right place, at the right time, with the perfect function.


tuuk is a platform-as-a-service that enables companies to interact with their customers online - from within the apps and websites they already use.


A typical bank, credit card issuer, investment management firm or insurance carrier sees less than 40% of their customers online monthly.

Resulting in costly servicing methods (branches, call centers, etc. for majority of customer base).


Move online tools closer to where customers spend their time.

Our platform enables companies to create partnerships and meet customers with related tools to the context of their situation. Seamlessly.


We have worked with two large financial institutions to develop proof of concepts and to validate the model.

Over 1,000 financial service executives have been contacted to date, with 60% expressing interest in our platform.


Our team has cornered a market opportunity to increase “servicing events” - that decrease operating costs - 
and have a greater recurring volume than “acquisition events.”


Founder / CEO: developed in-app mobile ad platform at USAA.

Last 4 years spent building distributed programs with banks and partners (Facebook, and Apple).


tuuk charges companies $6.00 for every completed action, and $9.00 for every completed mobile app install.

$202,000 in revenue in 2018. Target is $300,000 for 2019.


We’ve determined a market size of about 15 participating institutions, increasing interaction with 1 million more customers per company, per month. Creating 4 interactions with each.

Presents an addressable market opportunity of $360 million / month.


Button. Even Financial. Bud. Flybits. Mastercard.

All are focused on either acquisition of new customers or haven’t solved financial services servicing cost-per-action model.


Seed Round Raise. $700K to scale. Initial steps to acquire technical team, sales / partnership personnel along with product managers / data scientists.

Meet the Presenter:

As the Founder / CEO at tuuk - Jeff leads clients and teams through distributed experience strategy engagements.

He is a digital product manager and marketing leader with a background in building / growing digital platforms and programs. Primarily in financial services (most recent - USAA).

He has worked with some of North America’s leading advertising, brand strategy and interactive agencies including Grey NY, Big Spaceship, Interbrand, Critical Mass and Blast Radius with clients that include: Nike, Ally Bank, Crayola, Skittles, AT&T, Molson Canadian, and many more.

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