Examples - Companies Distributing Their Experiences

Digital businesses thrive when they can engage more people, more often.

Online exchanges and platforms are a growing feature of digital competition. Companies and startups are building and enhancing digital engagement platforms and marketplaces to create new interaction models, revenue streams and to increase outcomes from their digital ecosystems.

As a result you see businesses leveraging these platforms, becoming participants to derive their own business value.

This ecosystem is important to strategize for as companies are seeing new ways to create monumental business value by bringing “actions” closer to “intentions.”

Examples of companies becoming 'participants.'

There are thousands of companies today doing business via API’s, UI components and partnerships. Here are just a few examples.

Examples of some emerging platforms and marketplaces.

Platforms and marketplaces are business models that allow multiple participants to connect to it, interact with to and exchange value.

Looking for more examples to understand the concept?

We're gathering and posting examples as we see them and build them!

Responsible for growth in digital activity / outcomes?

Becoming a digital participant in a 3rd party marketplace or partnership is a great way to find new volume and to increase conversion rates.