Solving problems through technology.

We've got a different approach to digital experiences.
A couple of years ago our founder got pulled into a meeting
with a senior digital executive, who had a pretty interesting question:

“How did UBER put their ride booking
functionality into the TripAdvisor app?”

Investigating the answer revealed something

That today’s digital economy is being driven not by ads and front-end experiences but by smart and well designed API’s and partnerships that remove barriers to completed outcomes.

We saw that in order to grow, brands would need to be where their customers are.

Without having to drive customers back to platforms to enable an outcome in channel. And if they did, they better have their house in order to reduce friction and cognitive load.

What we experienced is that many large companies don’t know where to start.

Or what to build and or what to expose in order to become participants. We learned how to use behavioral data to understand where our customers were spending time, to map those platforms and apps and which capabilities would be relevant in each, and learn how to build what we needed to actually be present.

We started tuuk to bring those learnings to others.

To show them that in today's digital economy you are either a product, a platform or a participant, and to drive outcomes in digital you need to navigate this challenging environment to meet objectives and plans.

Our team has built, managed and marketed digital products, platforms and programs.

We've spent the last 16 years increasing product acquisition, servicing and engagement activity in digital channels. Most notably in financial services, but also across a range of categories.
Distributed Experience Strategy

Worked to lift functionality from a Fortune 100 financial services company's award-winning engagement platforms, out into relevant 3rd party experiences.

Mobile Growth

Drove adoption programs for a Fortune 100 company's mobile app that increased the user base by 300%. Built an in-app advertising program that continues to drive 60% of storefront traffic for 13 products.

Move the Digital Experience to Showroom

Consulted with a large retail brand on a fixture, display and tablet experience that allows prospects to learn more about mattresses while in store, lying down. Patented.

Making Sense of Social

Stood up paid social programs, both advertising and performance based, for three different brands. And are currently doing it again, this time focused on conversion.


We are proud to be part of the San Antonio tech community.

Our head office is located in North-Central San Antonio where we enjoy wonderful weather with easy access to our airport, downtown and many attractions.
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