Increase customer interaction in digital.

We partner with financial services and insurance companies to embed their digital experiences.
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Financial services and 
insurance companies have a problem.

Despite spending millions each year to revamp your mobile apps, websites and the tools that live within them:
Digitally Active Customers

Less than 40% of your customers use these digital experiences in any given month.

Potentially Digitally Active Customers

Yet more than 90% of your customers are active online in that same time period.

The solution? Embed your digital experiences.

Moving digital and mobile experiences into the apps and sites your customers are using builds awareness and lifts engagement. Which reduces operating costs and increases revenue. Win win.

Introducing tuuk.

An embedded financial services services company that enables proactive online customer experiences. Here's what we do...

Understand what platforms and apps your customers are using.

Do they use Venmo? Are they travellers? Are they using Credit Karma? We use behavioral data to show you where your customers and prospects spend time online.
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Determine what your customer wants to do.

Develop and execute a plan that puts the right tool or function in the hands of your customers. In the right app or website. At the perfect moment.
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A technology solution that scales partnerships for financial services companies.

A platform-as-a-service that enables companies to interact with their customers online - from within the apps and websites they already use.
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We provide a different perspective on customer engagement.

The digital economy is driven by applications, API’s and partnerships that remove barriers to completed outcomes. Not by ads and front-end experiences.
Actions Not Ads

Solutions that get you higher rank on search engines. Connect with your target audience in a better way

Increased conversion rates.

For every step forward in a customer journey, conversion rates improve.

Marketer friendly.

Most platforms and partners are compensated on completed actions.

News, updates, trends and the latest
info you need to know about embedded financial services.

MassChallenge Fintech Names tuuk a Semi-Finalist For Their 2020 Cohort

Progressively maintain extensive infomediaries via extensible niches. Dramatically disseminate standardized metrics after resource-leveling processes. Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change for interoperable meta-services.

INV Fintech Accelerator Selects tuuk to be a Part of 2019’s Class 8 Cohort

We’re excited to announce that tuuk has been selected to be a part of INV Fintech‘s 2019 Class 8 accelerator cohort. […]

TechFuel – We Didn’t Win – But…

On October 22nd in downtown San Antonio, five up -and-coming Texas startups competed for over $100,000 in prizes at TechBloc’s TechFuel pitch competition. […]

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