Increase customer interaction in digital channels.

We partner with financial services and insurance companies to distribute their digital experiences.

Financial services and 
insurance companies have a problem.

Despite spending millions each year to revamp their mobile apps, websites and the tools that live within them:

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Less than 40% of their customers use these digital experiences in any given month.

0 %

Yet more than 90% of their customers are active online in that same time period.

0 $

Increased usage of these tools reduces operating costs. Every % point increase can save these companies (on average) $8.8m. Monthly.

To realize this opportunity…they are looking to move digital capabilities to where their customers spend their time online.

Introducing tuuk.

A distributed experiences company and platform that can enable proactive online customer experiences. In the right place, at the right time, with the perfect function.

Research / Data Analysis

Establish where your customers are.

tuuk uses behavioral data and a proprietary method to show you where your customers and prospects spend time in digital channels and platforms.


Determine where. And what.

Build a customer-centric plan to extend the right functions and experiences to customers in contextual environments.

Distributed Digital Experience Platform

A technology solution that scales partnerships for financial services companies.

A platform-as-a-service that enables companies to interact with their customers online - from within the apps and websites they already use.


We provide a different perspective on customer engagement.

The digital economy is driven by applications, API’s and partnerships that remove barriers to completed outcomes. Not by ads and front-end experiences.

Not always ads.

We extend functionality. Reduces need for clickthrough.

Increased conversion rates.

For every step forward in a customer journey, conversion rates improve.

Highly targeted.

Primary signals ensure you are finding your ideal audience.

Marketer friendly.

Most platforms and partners are compensated on completed actions.

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