Online exchanges and platforms are a growing feature of digital competition.

Digital businesses thrive when they can engage more people, more often.

Companies and startups are building and enhancing digital engagement platforms and marketplaces to create new interaction models, revenue streams and to increase outcomes from their digital ecosystems.

As a result you see businesses leveraging these platforms, becoming participants to derive their own business value.

This ecosystem is important to strategize for as companies are seeing new ways to create monumental business value by bringing “actions” closer to “intentions.”

What we’re trying to illustrate to you is:

If you are a marketer or responsible for growth in digital activity / outcomes, you need to start thinking through and executing on the idea that being a participant is a great way to find new volume and to increase conversion rates.

And that for legacy organizations, going beyond the mere digital delivery of products or services and setting up an online marketplace can correlate with markedly improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Are you a platform business trying to drive user growth? Or a legacy business looking to participate in an emerging platform?

Either way, reach out, we'd love to describe what we've done, where we're going, and see how we could help your team.

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