What Is a Distributed Experience?

A couple of years ago I got pulled into a meeting with a senior digital executive, who had a pretty simple question, that started a journey for us.  That journey was focused on creating digital outcomes without having to drive customers back to platforms.

The question?

“Jeff – how did UBER put their ride booking functionality into the TripAdvisor app?”

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Extinguish The Need to Own. Now.

Speed, efficiency and disruption is the result of being “open.”

Imagine a day in your company, where you didn’t have to establish ownership of your portfolio. Develop proprietary code to accomplish your project mandate. Implement a huge buy via procurement to update your server stack. A day where you just put your intellectual power to work, without having to prove you are or can make a decision to be the “owner” of something.

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What Does a Digital Strategist Do?

A while back, digital agency du jour R/GA added a guy to their team named Chris Stutzman, formerly of Forrester Research, to lead a consulting practice. The move was made to defend territory against Accenture, McKinsey and other biggies who have made major headway into building digital and social consulting capability and capacity. In summarizing the opportunity Mr. Stutzman stated that what CMO’s have been asking him for years is this question:

“How do you leverage digital technology to create true competitive advantage and make us more relevant in the market?”

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