Quotes From Marketers – March

Here’s the first installment of my monthly quote dump.  Cool, interesting thoughts come my way all the time via articles, tweets, etc. So I keep ‘em, and share the love once a month.

See below for some collected in March, 2012:

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.”
- Peter T. Mcintyre

“Let’s stop bragging about who we are, where we’ve been & focus on where we’re going. if you want to do new things just do it & provide value”
- Can’t Attribute

“Personality shows when everyone is looking… Character shows when no one is.”
- Can’t Attribute

“You rise or fall, succeed or fail, by the image of yourself that you hold in your own mind.”
- Can’t Attribute

“Better, I think, to decide what matters first, and go do that.”
- Can’t Attribute

“A goal is a dream, with a deadline.”
-Napoleon Hill

“It’s not the consumer’s job to know what they want.”
- Steve Jobs

“Get enough money, give away as little as possible, keep your head down, do not listen or talk to anybody – except listen to your audience when it makes sense. Early feedback can often be off base – stay on the path.”
- Barry Diller, at SXSW

“What would you do if tomorrow the government said it was illegal to advertise your product. How would you do it now?”
- Josh Spear

“If you know what you believe in and you know what you’re passionate about, you can make good decisions. Because what’s presented to you and what you choose to do are very closely aligned with what you believe in.”
- Can’t Attribute

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