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Quotes from Marketers – April

Over the course of any given day a bunch of interesting quotes and anecdotes cross my path.  I’ll bag them up and pass along once in a while.

Here’s some gems lifted from my scratchpad from the month of April, 2012 via Andy Stefanovitch, Clive Sirkin, Brian Morrissey and others.

“Celebrate who you are not what you do.”
- Andy Stefanovitch

‘We Don’t Believe in Digital Marketing … [But] Marketing in a Digital World”
Clive Sirkin, CMO, Kimberly-Clark

“Advertising isn’t really dead. What’s dead is an agency process whose only outcome can be advertising.”
- via @robbiew

“I have a lot of respect for Weiden & Kennedy. They are consistent, unaffected, and they let their success speak for itself. They have been able to grow, expand and win big pieces of business without ever losing their creative edge. You never see any blowhards from Weiden & Kennedy sitting on panels espousing some BS about the future of marketing. Instead, they are doing the work that everyone else is talking about.”
- Brian Morrissey, Digiday – interviewing a blind Agency CEO

“Yes, of course you have to make promises to earn attention and trial.”
- unattributed

“If you are tired of starting over – stop giving up.”
- unattributed

“Those who move comfortably and intelligently across the disciplines of technology, creative, and business.”
- David Gillespie (defining the term “Integrated Digital Thinker)

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”
- Joseph Campbell

“There isn’t a recovery because this isn’t a recession. It’s the end of one path to prosperity – and the beginning of a newer, better one.”
- @umairh

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