What Does tuuk Do?

tuuk enables clients to meet their prospects and customers with functionality in 3rd party mobile apps, websites and other digital platforms.

Companies, usually as part of a digital transformation, are augmenting their advertising and performance marketing programs with technology implementations that allow them to move the functionality away from their own platforms. They are moving that same functionality into environments where their prospects and customers are, and creating smaller yet more relevant interactions in contextual moments.

tuuk guides our clients through that journey. With you we finalize objectives and prioritize efforts, then plan, design, and build out applications / API’s / services to help you meet objectives.

The process essentially works like this:


[su_service title=”Analyze Behavior” icon=”icon: database” icon_color=”#4A545A”] tuuk invests in several behavioral data sources that allows us to identify where your customers are. Our model then prioritizes platforms to drive decisions on “where to be” – beyond the obvious platforms.[/su_service]


[su_service title=”Finalize Strategy” icon=”icon: clipboard” icon_color=”#4A545A”] We determine what you need to offer in those environments, that are contextual and relevant for the customer and your objectives. We also finalize plans for services and functionality that need to be developed to be present in those identified environments. [/su_service]


[su_service title=”Develop / Partner” icon=”icon: wrench” icon_color=”#4A545A”]We craft and deploy the necessary API’s, UI components and platforms that bring your actions closer to your customers intentions.[/su_service]


[su_button url=”http://tuuk.me/services” style=”flat” background=”#BC0C0C” color=”#FFFFF” center=”yes”]Visit Our Services Page to Get a Breakdown of The Full Process[/su_button]


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