In most digital organizations, you are responsible for growth in outcomes. And that’s becoming increasingly difficult to do.

Prospects and customers are centralizing their time into fewer platforms.  Digital engagement is becoming harder to create and more costly to spark.  Funnels are, well, funnels (leakage of expected outcomes at each step of a process). It’s becoming harder to create the types of volumes you need (traditionally) to drive the same level of outcomes as you’d been able to produce in the past.

Companies, usually as part of a digital transformation, are augmenting their advertising and performance marketing programs with technology implementations that allow them to move the functionality away from their own platforms.  They are moving that same functionality into environments where their prospects and customers are, and creating smaller yet more relevant interactions in contextual moments.  They are using behavioral data to help prioritize the partnerships and platforms they want to move into.  And are developing partnerships with 3rd parties, and even develop applications and API’s to deliver those solution to market.

So how do you grow existing platforms, and / or participate in new ecosystems?  And what does that mean?  Or, even better, what does that look like?

Some examples…


Walgreens: Photo Print API: leveraged by over 75 app developers, the service has created a new and relevant marketplace for Walgreens.


Nationwide: Created a developer program, and wrote API’s that enable the company to write renter insurance policies in 3rd party apps.

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