I Became a D-Bag

Take a look at the post below this one. It is a classic example of a guy being a social media d-bag.

There are a million blogs, Google+ posts and Tweets that talk about trivial things such as “when will Google sunset Blogger?” out there already. And for some reason I jumped into the pool and built a freakin Google Doc response vehicle.

Why did I do this?

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tuuk - What Does The Word Campaign Mean to Marketers?

Marketer’s Should Revisit the Word Campaign

If you work in an agency or client-side advertising department a word you will use daily is campaign.

In this world it usually denotes the current period /  iteration of messaging  you are working on, or the long-term positioning strategy employed by the team to keep your products or services top of mind with intended audiences.  Yet when you hear it all the time you tend to lose sight of what the word actually means.

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Quotes from Smart People – March

It is March. Always reminds me of the snow melt, provincial hockey playoffs and other end-of-winter elements in Canada – hence the above image.

Anyways here is another installment of collected Quotes, gathered from some usual and unusual sources this time.

I’ve included some gems from from Graham Hill, Jon Lax, and even Kid President (x2). If you haven’t seem him – you gotta check the videos out.

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