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Speek Offers Easy Access to Conference Calling

I’ll admit I am on a quest to create an additive life through subtraction of needless things or worries.  And through this I am really appreciative of fresh perspectives on cumbersome experiences.

One ugly mess for me has always been conference calling. And I found a something that might just be a great solution to that broken experience – Speek.com

The team at Speek recognized that many remote participants on calls were taking them on mobile devices.  And when all the call notes are stuck in an email or a meeting request those details aren’t always easily accessed or entered properly.

So they made it simple.  When planning a call, you go to Speek.com and enter your preferred username, which becomes http://speek.com/____.   You are asked to provide a phone number you want to be called at, and the call is ready to go.  You then simply send that simple to remember and access link to intended participants, and when they click the link, they are prompted to enter a number they can be reached at.

This is a new startup and they are bootstrapping their way right now.  However they just secured some space inside AOL and you can bet they won’t be ignored by VC’s.  Recently they pitched a need for $750K at a Techbuzz conference – so we’ll see how they fare.

The Washington Post reported recently that “the company also plans to eliminate some of the small but common headaches that come with conference calls by offering services that identify who is speaking at any given moment and share documents with the group.” Which is an exciting progression tot he base product.

Seriously, stop fumbling with conference calling numbers, access codes and make your life really freaking easy. The call quality is great, the price is right, and the only detraction is the ease of use is so insanely good that your call attendees might actually not believe what they’ve witnessed / know what to do with it!

Check them out at Speek.com


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