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Brinx Adds Value to Shared Links

Sharing a link has become second nature to our online lives.  As soon as we find something, a video, an article, etc, we want others to see it.

The quick fire nature of sharing has put more emphasis on being the first to share it, with the hope that we’ll get the credit for it, versus understanding how that effort could benefit you not only in the immediate, but in the long term.

Which brings an idea that you all should put some thought to, via Brinx.it

Brinx is the brainchild of former Tribal DDB Creative Director Saman Rahmanian. And it is a gem.  Creating a Web shortener isn’t the most difficult thing to do, and many content marketers and brands have turned to their own to get their name into the link they generate and pass along for the brand impression it creates.  However beyond the URL and the click, there is not additional value added to the “ecosystem.”

Brinx.it allows their users the ability to create a secondary and valuable ad impression on the backside of the click.  Once a user creates an account, they have an ability to customize a title bar that fixes itself above the content they have linked to, and is clickable back to the user’s own Web site or location of choice.

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As the link travels around the Internet, the branded bar does the same.  Right now, the Brinx.it bar is creating over 85% of our referral traffic to this blog.  So the time we spend sharing content and the things that we find across the Internet, is helping to not only shape perception of us, it is actually driving clicks.

And today if you haven’t fully realized it, traffic is what makes or breaks a digital marketing effort.

This simple traffic referral and branded content opportunity is something no brand should be without today.  The tool is dead simple to use, and the Dashboard for measurement is also the simplest you could imagine.

I implore you all to give these guys a thought when you consider what link shortener/measurement tool you could be/should be using.


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