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June 24, 2013

What Makes Instagram Successful?

Last week ReadWrite published an article on “What Instagram Taught a Photographer about Life.” An interesting take about life being impacted by the desire and subsequent lack of desire to share everything the photographer  was seeing in the world around him.

A quote from Instagram founder Kevin Systrom was included in there, that presents a theory as to why they have found success with the application.

“When Systrom explains the ideas driving Instagram’s popularity, he strikes a particularly interesting note when he says that life in the digital age is driven by staying in touch, that central desire of human nature that made us, in the pre-smartphone age, increasingly more separated from those we used to know as time goes on.”

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tuuk - Cue App Aids Productivity
December 30, 2012

Get Organized With Cue

Your phone is your on-the-go, do it all device. And many app developers have brought a plethora of options to help you bring your life together in a mix of compelling, useful, and even efficient ways.

However, with the multitude of options for calendar and organization apps for iOS devices especially, it is tougher than ever to decide what will work best.

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