We are a start-up consultancy that guides clients through decentralized digital ecosystems.

You are responsible for growth in outcomes. We have been too.

We've been there. Working to meet plan, using a 15 year old digital playbook, seeing incremental improvement. Wondering what else we could be doing.
Two years ago, we started building applications and API's to move "actions" closer to user "intentions." Increasing contact opportunities and conversion rates. We've become obsessed with it.
tuuk's distributed / growth working framework

We've spent our careers building and growing digital platforms and programs.

Primarily our careers have been spent increasing product acquisition and servicing activity in digital channels. Most notably in financial services, but also across a range of categories.

Distributed Experience Strategy

Worked to lift functionality from a Fortune 100 financial services company's award-winning engagement platforms, out into relevant 3rd party experiences.

Mobile Growth

Drove adoption programs for a Fortune 100 company's mobile app that increased the user base by 300%. Built an in-app advertising program that continues to drive 60% of storefront traffic for 13 products.

Move the Digital Experience to Showroom

Consulted with a large retail brand on a fixture, display and tablet experience that allows prospects to learn more about mattresses while in store, lying down. Patented.

Making Sense of Social

Stood up paid social programs, both advertising and performance based, for three different brands. And are currently doing it again, this time focused on conversion.

Our personnel have worked with some of the top financial services, consumer packaged goods and athletic brands in North America.


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