We Help Companies Navigate Digital Platforms and Ecosystems

Meet prospects and customers with functionality in 3rd party mobile apps, websites and other digital platforms.
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tuuk is a distributed experience firm.

We help digital product managers, experience owners and marketers meet their goals.
  • Data / Audience Analysis
  • Marketplace Evaluations
  • Experience Optimization
  • Application / API Development
  • Partnership Evaluation
  • Developer Strategy

We're navigating the platform era.

To be where your digital customer is, beyond advertising, is a difficult task. We're here to help you find your way.
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We plan, design, and build out applications and partnerships to help you meet digital objectives.

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    Analyze Behavior

    tuuk has invested in online behavioral data platforms, that allow us to identify where your customers are. Our model then prioritizes platforms to drive decisions on “where to be” – beyond the obvious platforms.

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    Finalize Strategy

    We determine which actions you should present in these environments, that are contextual and relevant for the customer and your objectives. We then finalize plans for services and components that need to be developed in order to enable that to happen.

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    Develop / Partner

    We craft and deploy the necessary API’s, UI components (etc.) and integrate with partners and marketplaces to enable your brands' presence into 3rd party ecosystems and environments.

We are experts with these (and many other) technology partners.

Grow usage of your platform. Participate on others.

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