Find your prospects and customers. Meet them with functionality.

We partner with companies to increase engagement and outcomes in digital channels.

tuuk is a Distributed Experience firm.

We help companies move functionality into 3rd party platforms. We show you where your customers are. We craft an experience strategy. We then build applications and services to meet consumers where they already are.

What is a Distributed Experience?

We've compiled some examples of companies that are distributed - either acting as participants, and/or marketplaces.

A brand new way to look at digital experiences and marketing.

The digital economy is driven by applications, API’s and partnerships that remove barriers to completed outcomes. Not by ads and front-end experiences.

Not always ads.

We extend functionality. Reduces need for clickthrough.

Increased conversion rates.

For every step forward in a customer journey, conversion rates improve.

Highly targeted.

Primary signals ensure you are finding your ideal audience.

Marketer friendly.

Most platforms and partners are compensated on completed actions.


We are experts with these (and many other) technology partners.

We've partnered and worked with these marketing leading platforms and data providers to enable our clients to understand digital behavior and get to market quickly.

The partnerships platform for mobile commerce.

Button powers mobile partnerships that are faster, simpler, and perform better.

The cross-cloud API management platform.

Apigee accelerates the pace of digital business.

Manage your digital footprint.

Yext allows management of digital knowledge and brand experiences across digital.

The global app market data leader.

App Annie offers cutting edge insight on one integrated platform.

The latest from tuuk staff.

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