Who is tuuk?

tuuk guides our partners through decentralized digital ecosystems.

Or more succinctly – we help clients find and then meet their prospects and customers with functionality in 3rd party mobile apps, websites and other digital platforms.




How Do We Do That?

With you we plan, design, and build out partnerships / API’s / services to help you meet objectives.

The process essentially works like this:


Analyze Behavior
tuuk invests in several behavioral data sources that allows us to identify where your customers are. Our model then prioritizes platforms to drive decisions on “where to be” – beyond the obvious platforms.
Finalize Strategy
We determine what you need to offer in those environments, that are contextual and relevant for the customer and your objectives. We also finalize plans for services and functionality that need to be developed to be present in those identified environments.  
Develop / Partner
We craft and deploy the necessary API’s, UI components and platforms that bring your actions closer to your customers intentions.




What Else Should You Know?

A few more thoughts to help you consider what we do:


Who Have You Done This For?
We have worked with some of the world’s best companies, to build strong platforms and help them determine their distributed experience strategies. Learn More
What Are Your Services?
Each service we offer is a vital element of a distributed experiences model. However tuuk can be engaged for a few or the sum. Have a look ->
How Do We Connect?
Reach out by email, phone or message, or come over for coffee and chat. Let’s get started!


Let’s get started: